Funding Success Stories (Westminster): Montfort House multi-functional / communal creative space

Innovation Fund Feedback from our friends at Montfort House

Montfort House Art WorkMontfort House was awarded the Innovation Fund to create a multipurpose community space for the residents and ex residents of Montfort House. The project commenced on the 22nd November 2018.

All the improvements were made to the 3rd floor room; where they had hygienic flooring laid, CCTV fitted and adding new furniture; which was completed in April 2018 ready for the ten part art-therapy sessions that ran from May until July.

Three to four residents used the space as part of the therapeutic colouring group on Monday afternoons, which was supported by a volunteer once the professional therapist concluded her sessions.

The volunteer who started the colouring group was keen to get more involved with one to one work so she has taken on a resident’s literacy support. They met twice a week and the resident made good progress as well as really enjoying the process of learning.

A book group ran for a while as a result of Montfort House being part of “Cityread 2018”.

They set up a gardening group that ran on Tuesdays throughout the summer since April with an average of three people in attendance every week. The group grew their own vegetables and cooked with them.

Montfort plans to continue their partnership with Chelsea Physic Garden will continue to facilitate joint projects together in the near future.

“Montfort House is a psychologically informed environment and having the additional space has been invaluable. The staff team have been able to have their monthly reflective practice meetings away from the main office, so they can talk undisturbed. Our resident psychologists have been able to talk to residents in a private, neutral place both as individuals and as couples and groups. Our resident’s meetings are less disrupted now due to the use of the room. Key working can happen in there. The room is potentially available to external partner agencies which could produce a small amount of income to allow us to support on-going resident activities”.


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