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Danny Floyd

Hello! My name is Danny Floyd I am a qualified professional fitness trainer who has been in the field of addiction for over 20 years. I am able to offer professional fitness and emotional support to clients attending the free Park Fit and High Five

It’s a fact that exercise is good for us. Whether your goal is to get fit, lose weight or simply have fun and meet like minded people there is something for everyone from our fitness program.

From our weekly Park Fit sessions in Hyde Park, gym, swim and badminton with Build on Belief, monthly hikes and even an annual residential – there are a range of activities to suit all fitness and ability levels.

Never done fitness classes? Don’t worry, our team are qualified fitness and outward bound instructors that can help you get the most out of the programme in a safe and supportive environment. So what are you waiting for? To get involved or to find out more  please complete the form below or email

Park Fit

These are 1 hour fitness session that has been running for well over 10 years now – managed by Danny over the last 5 years. For the people who have accessed this over the years (and some of those people still are), it has been a huge help in their journey towards recovery from substance use and other issues related to this, such as homelessness, mental health, addiction, abuse etc, as well as offering an enjoyable, active and essential part to their weekly routine and structure.

The sessions are held outside in beautiful Hyde park, so as well as training and clients mixing with other positive like- minded peers, they have a chance to be outside and in one of London’s most scenic areas and environments. The sessions are always on, whatever the weather and there are lots of tree covered areas we use if it’s pouring down

The actual session is tailored to all fitness levels so there is not a problem if somebody is very unfit and hasn’t done any sort of fitness for years. I can start them off slowly as well as find alternatives to certain exercises circuits and movements. If somebody is carrying a slight injury that is also ok as I can again adapt certain exercises to their injuries so as not to make this worse

We do a mixture of cardio, strength and conditioning and core work circuits as well as stretching and flexibility. Clients will run often, but of course people can walk if they chose to and can have a break or stop during the session anytime they want ( it’s about people enjoying the session and building their fitness slowly rather than pushing them too much and risk them not returning). I always do a thorough full body warm up as well as a stretch and warm down to prevent injuries and fatigue. It is essential that clients bring water with them and it’s also a good idea if they can invest in some cheap waterproof trousers and top (sports direct very cheap) as at times it will be wet and muddy. Apart from that, training gear is expected to be worn shorts, top, tracksuit bottoms trainers etc. and always an idea to bring a spare top to change into afterwards due to rain and mud

High Five

I am also happy to announce a new project that I have started called the high five, which incorporates 5 London and local area walks, in preparation to once again (as we have done in the past) take people away for a few days. Trips in the past have included staying and walking in the Brecon Beacons, the Lake district, the 3 peaks challenge and climbing Snowdonia. If clients show commitment to the park fit sessions and the 5 walks then this is a real opportunity for a life changing experience for them to be part of. I also have a partnership with an organisation called BOB (Build on Belief) who now offer free gym passes to clients, so the idea is to get them to access the gym and the park fit sessions, which would provide people with lots of fitness, structure and regular safe and positive interaction. Also I understand that particularly in the winter, clients may not be keen about being outside in the cold and wet. The services mentioned above, are not just open to Turning Point clients but also to clients who are supported by all of the partner agencies we work with.

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Park Fit

Womens Only group – Tuesday 10:15am meet at Princess Diana Memorial car park in Hyde Park

Mixed Group -Wednesdays 10:45am meet at Princess Diana Memorial car park in Hyde Park