Funding Success Stories (Kensington & Chelsea): SMART London’s Social Activities

Innovation Fund Feedback from our friends at SMART London


SMART London was awarded the Innovation Fund to set up a series of social activities for the local residents in the community which concluded in March 2018. As a result of receiving the fund, SMART London was able to enhance and develop the services that they provide in the following areas:

Successfully extend their mindfulness based medication sessions to Saturdays, which previously only run on Mondays. On average they had 7 people attend the sessions.

Setting up and running their well-attended fortnightly jewellery group which had on average we see 5-7 people in attendance each time. The sessions are led by a former member who is a professional jewellery maker. Through running the sessions, she grew in her confidence and has improved her English thanks to the interactions of the group. She is now thinking of applying for paid jobs to teach jewellery making.

Increasing the size of their Clay and Paint group as they had more resources available due to the funding. It serves on average 10 people every other Sunday. They were able to increase it to 13 people and  offer more materials to the attendees and expand our themes and mediums used.

Facilitated their drop in art group that was regularly attended by 8 people and offers “art for the sake of art”, not a therapy group. These groups were not only available to mental health service users, but also members of the local community and family members of those attending SMART on regular basis.

Introducing Salsa classes, run by a professional Salsa tutor on a weekly basis to their social members. It well attended and lots of positive feedback. SMART were able to involve young people in the group as many of the participants who attended the group brought their teenage children along. On average they had about 8 people attend each class.

SMART fed back that “It is amazing to watch how some people grew in confidence and report improved wellbeing and new friendships formed. The groups have certainly contributed to reduction in isolation, improved mobility and gave people a chance to express themselves artistically”.




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