Wellbeing Blog: Onward and Upwards

Reflections from Hendrik (Peer Mentor)

It’s the combination of so many little things that I actively pursue to support my recovery and maintain my now 3+ years sobriety from drugs and alcohol. 

I have done weekly mindfulness groups online, and managed to cycle 2-3 times a week. And twice a week a walk through the neighbourhood before doing my shopping helps to maintain social distanced contacts locally. A real joy was online fellowship meetings, and so many other activities that many services organised and supported. 

I have eaten more healthily and had more physical activities then before lockdown, but the true life lines were staying in touch with friends and family via calls, texts and video calls. And shared not just my joys, but also my occasional frustration when I had a Meh-day. It’s not always been easy, but in recovery I’ve learned to make the most of what I have and take action. Happiness is a choice. 

Although the physical/face to face part of my volunteers and Peer Mentoring stopped, I’ve maintained regular contact with my Mentors, contributed to online group work, wrote some articles on the changes I’m experiencing, and made sure I had some quality time at home. 

Onward & upwards! 

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  1. Marlena says:

    Well done!
    It is so encouraging to hear that you have found your own way to well being and that really is a Turning Point!


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