Funding Success Stories (Westminster): WAND IT Training for Roads to Wellbeing Project

Roads to Wellbeing Map

Innovation Fund Feedback from our friends at WAND UK

Gladys was awarded the Innovation Fund to provide an IT Training workshops for residents on Roads to Wellbeing Project and other computer literacy and e-learning courses.

All staff and volunteers received training on how to access and use the roads to wellbeing map, how to teach their beneficiaries and ways to include and to use their activities in the map.

After each computer Class / e-learning course the beneficiaries were trained for 15-20 minutes on how to access the map and demonstrated what activities are going on in their local area using their post codes. During the reporting period Gladys said there were 16 workshops delivered and 47 women and 8 staff and volunteers benefited from the project.

Some of the feedback from the 19 residents that completed questionnaires at the end of the workshop showed highlighted the following:

  • 17 participants said that they found the session helpful.
  • 17 participants said the session was relevant to their needs.
  • 18 participants said that they more made aware of services in their local area.
  • 14 participants said that they were planning to join one of those services.
  • 19 participants said that they would recommend the Roads to Wellbeing Map to others.

Participants also fed back that:

“I feel confident about using the well-being map”.

 “It is highly useful. It increased my knowledge of accessing free services, one to one interview coaching and welfare. Thank you”.

 “Very useful – Whenever I need to access a free activity I just use the map and go”.

 “Use map to update my knowledge on activities available especially if they are free in H&F”.

 “Very useful”.

Gladys stated “the project was useful and was a good opportunity to beneficiaries to connect and bring them out of isolation and loneliness. Some of the women reported that the map is useful as they used it to look for activities such dance, welfare problems and training”.

Gladys stated that one resident came into session full of joy saying “Guess what I used the map and discovered that there is after – school academic support in Clement James Community Centre”.






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