Funding Success Stories (RBKC): Platinum Jubilee Community Celebration, Kensington Palace

Innovation Fund Feedback from our friend Kim at Historic Royal Palaces

Kim from Kensington Palace’s community access scheme (CAS) applied to the Innovation Fund as part of their events for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Kim developed CAS in 2012 after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with the ambition of Kensington Palace being the palace for everyone. Over those 10 years Kensington Palace has provided a space for escapism, unity, and friendship through the CAS network.

CAS applyed to the Innovation Fund to cover the fees associated with commissioning community partners to deliver activities during the celebration event. This included paying for their time and expertise as well as any materials and equipment. At the event the following activities took place :

  • Colourful Community – Rangoli making
  • Step Forward – Drag Queen and King, talking about LGBTQ+ history/societal contributions – led by young people
  • Nova New Opportunities – School of Humanity
  • Stitches in Time – Bunting making
  • Urbanwise.London – Jubilee Garden Scavenger Hunt

The Platinum Jubilee Community Celebration was a time to celebrate the Queen, but also the joy, resilience, talents and skills of our communities and partnerships! Three hundred people attended the event and the feedback has been  immensely positive

Thank you to Kim and all at CAS for a fantastic project idea. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future and for your next Innovation fund project!

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