Funding Success Stories (Online): Stamping Skills Workshops

Innovation Fund Feedback from our friend Sarah at Sarah’s Stampin’ Retreat

Sarah’s Stampin’ Retreat were awarded the Innovation Fund to I teach a series of 6 Online Workshops where attendees learnt different stamping skills, and applied the techniques to create a series of cards and gift boxes. The events were really successful techniques to create a series of cards and gift boxes. The events were really successful all of the places went within 24 hours of tickets being released. 18 people attended the sessions overall

The feedback was also really good, the following quotes are from the feedback forms when attendees were asked what their favourite things were about the classes:

“Creating something beautiful or useful. Then sent them to friends & family that are very appreciated. It gives me a sense of pride & competence. Most importantly feeling happy.”

“Relaxing watching and learning from Sarah who is lovely and explains well in a nice way. She is enthusiastic and uses her craft talents well.”

“Using the colourants and different patterns. Sarah is very talented, wish l had her nimble finger’s Really love the classes, looking forward to the next one”

“I love these classes and look forward to them every week. I find them relaxing and a great way to express my creativity. I really like the fact that I can take part in the class from home without having to worry about child care for my toddler.”

“I like everything about them but perhaps my favourite thing is the sense of satisfaction and achievement at the end of each class, having produced something which is both attractive and useful.” 

It was really clear from the feedback that people gained both skills and relaxation from the classes, with people also commenting on being proud of what they had created. One of the key things that I wanted to achieve from these classes was that people would feel confident in creating their own cards so that they could use the stamps, inks, etc. that they had received in order to complete the classes to create their own cards after the classes, and so continue to access the creative and mindful benefits of crafting even after the sessions had finished. In the survey I sent out, 70% of people said that they were “very confident” in creating their own cards, with the other 30% saying they were “quite confident”, and nobody saying that they were “Not at all confident”.

In the future Sarah interested in running this session in person to support people who arent comfortable in doing sessions online. We wish Sarah every success in the future.

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