Funding Success Stories (Hammersmith): Wildlife Photography Workshops

Innovation Fund Feedback from our friend Katie at Hammersmith Community Gardens Association (HCGA)  

Katie was awarded the Innovation Fund to facilitate a series of workshops and trips around the theme of photographing wildlife for socially isolated residents and most vulnerable volunteers.

Katie informed me that since the project began, they ran three of the five photography workshops and four of the six photography walks due to Covid. HCGA ran walks to Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, River Thames, Fulham Palace Gardens and Bishop’s Park.

The walks were led by a member of staff who has a photography degree and was previously a photographer professionally. Participants were encouraged to look at light, framing, composition etc, while enjoying nature and appreciating it in a different way. Katie said that the wildlife photography workshops covered the various basics of photography as well as how to use different settings on the camera such as aperture and shutter speed.

HCGA printed out some photos for participants on their request and also got a mug printed for each workshop participant with their favourite photo on it.

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions, numbers attending each walk had to be reduced. Katie stated that in total they had 19 different people attend the sessions with many of them attending two or three sessions.

Katie said “Most of the people who attended live alone and are socially isolated and so during this difficult time they found the photography walks were a safe activity they could do as they are outside. A lot of other regular activities stopped and so participants had a lot more free time”.

 Feedback from participants including the following:

“We would like to say thank you for organising all the events and walks for us which we thoroughly enjoy and appreciate”.

“The various walks we joined were especially interesting and were delivered in such professionalism and knowledge that were not only keeping our bodies healthy but also opening our minds to learn”.

“We look forward to have more similar opportunities in the future”.

“I’m so glad I came to this walk”.

Katie said “Now we have purchased 6 cameras we want to offer these to volunteers to use or participants on future walks. Many participants have enjoyed learning about photography and have enjoyed looking at their photos afterwards”.

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