Funding Success Stories (Hammersmith & Fulham): Writing to Exhale

Innovation Fund Feedback from our friend Rasheda at The WILDE Foundation

The WILDE Foundation was awarded the Innovation Fund to deliver a six week creative writing project giving women the space to connect and exhale their voices onto the page. It is a unique empowering workshop that affords women the opportunity and a place for self-expression.

The workshops were interactive, starting with the women introducing themselves and explaining why they wanted to attend the workshops and their expectations.

Each week, the women worked from a lesson plan, which included: Introduction to Journal writing, an ongoing relationship with self, finding their Writing Process, journaling every day and sharing their process with the group.

They learnt that every great memoir has a catchy title, and they gave their memoir a title and began writing weekly.

Rasheda fed back that “The project was as a great success, and out of the positive feedback from Writing to Exhale, we are hosting a weekly Just Write Creative Writing Workshop. We also plan to run our next big project the Hammersmith & Fulham Writers’ Festival.

In total there were 15 participants that benefited from the project. Rasheda stated that participants really got a lot from attending the writing workshops.

When asked to describe how they found the workshops from a list of words provided, the participants stated:

  • Creative.
  • Inspiring.
  • Stimulating.
  • Fun.
  • Brilliant
  • Engaging.
  • Awesome.
  • Well presented.
  • Interesting.

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