Wellbeing Blog – Wellbeing Poem

Reflections from John (Criminal Justice Worker)


What is well-being? To put in simple terms, it’s basically being-well.

Bear with me a moment as I have a story to tell.

Being well is not just compartmental but includes your body as a whole.

So, it’s inclusive of your spirit, body and your soul.

Your body will react to whatever you place inside.

Whether this is food or information, be careful to monitor what you allow to reside.

So many people service their automobile every single year.

But when it comes to servicing their bodies they don’t really care.

I would like to ask this question to anybody.

Tell me, what is more important your car or your body?

Just like the car needs, petrol, water and oil to function efficiently.

Your body needs the right nutrients in order to operate sufficiently.

The body is made up of approximately 70% water.

If not topped up on a daily basis one could be heading for disaster.

Water helps to remove toxins out of your body otherwise the toxins will remain.

To not want toxins removed, well, I think that’s rather insane.

Can I make a suggestion?

Drink plenty water for a healthy digestion.

Just think, if you have plenty of water within.

It will help promote healthy and radiant skin.

Did you know that the same hormone that is used to trigger hunger is the same hormone that is used to triggers thirst?

Before reaching for something to eat when hungry, try drinking some water first.

It’s important to lightly steam you veg.

Otherwise if you overcook them the minerals will be dead.

Eat plenty of fruits and try different types.

If not organic then wash with white cider vinegar and water and give it a good wipe.

Be wary of eating food on a regular basis that society labels as junk.

That’s like remaining in a room and inhaling the scent of a skunk.

Once one starts to eat and drink healthy it will surely make a difference.

One will be energised, feel better internally and it will show on a person’s appearance.

It’s time to bring this poem to an end.

This poem is to draw one’s attention to well-being; it’s not designed to offend.

Acquire well-being, keep it very close and never ever sell.

What is well-being? To put in simple terms, it’s basically being-well.

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