Funding Success Stories (Kensington & Chelsea): Remote Learning, Communication and Coding

Innovation Fund Feedback from our friend Ali at The Learning Club Community Association

The Learning Club Community Association (LCCA) was awarded the Innovation Fund to enable adults to explore different and easy ways to communicate with others using modern technology while learning to code remotely.

Ali said that the main activities that they started and finished with involved remote communication, training (teaching and learning) and coding. The project enabled young adult to explore different platforms and easy ways to communicate with others such as friends, teachers, colleagues, employers and community members using modern technology such as Teams and Zoom.

Participants explored and learnt the foundation of application coding remotely using online applications, debuggers and editors such as Online GDB source code editor,, code academy and w3school. They also learnt the concept of creating applications and programs for the web using programming languages.

Ali stated that the project entailed a collaborative educational programme as part of Computer Science and Software Engineering education in the UK fully tailored into the British curriculum. The project helped the young adults experiment and contribute in a new remotely and especially designed bespoke infrequent project, that involved planning and coding using high level languages.

Ali fed back that “Participants have explored and learnt new communication platforms and programming languages. They have also improved their life problem solving skills. The commitment of participants was inspiring as attendance was excellent. This project gave the young people/adult a legacy for the future where they will have to explore more about the influences of the 4th generation and the internet of things.”

In total there were 25 participants that benefited from the project. Ali stated that there were some great successes from those who attended the programme including:

  • One of the participants who had a degree from a European country in a relevant subject applied to a university and was accepted as a result of this programme and our support.
  • One of the participants offered to work with LCCA voluntarily and they have accepted his request as he is a very quick learner, very keen, ambitious and very committed.

Some of the feedback from the participants includes:

“This was a very interesting project for me. I really enjoyed the online communication and coding sessions. It was well planned and structured as it was easy for me to follow. The work load was just right, so I managed to finish everything with enough time, I learnt about creating online applications and did not feel over loaded and rushed. Mr Sharif and Mr Kalyan are great trainers and the course material was very well organized. Overall, I feel I have gained a lot from the project. Thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity to learn a new programming language and efficient ways to communicate with others to do my day to day work and study”. KP

“A Very good project, exactly what I was looking for, thank you for organising those sessions Mr Ali”. BN

“This course was the perfect start for me! As a beginner, It was easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to code using a various coding and communications platforms. Thank you so much for offering us such a wonderful way to learn”. JH

“As I said this previously, I managed to learn a new programming language Java during this project easily and it was excellent. I can honestly say that I learned it completely and I am ready to take it further to a new level and also progress in IT”. RH

“To be honest, I really enjoyed the course especially the delivery which made the sessions seem much interesting and understandable. I believe that this course will benefit me in my future career. Thank you”. AJ

“At the beginning of the project, I felt that I wanted to leave because I found it difficult, but the teaching and delivery approach, the presentation and the kind treatment of the trainers changed my mind and prompted me to strive to work hard and smartly. Really, I learned particularly from you Mr Ali and Mr Negandra that success has value and meaning. Also that dedication and sincerity in work or education is very important and I believe that there is nothing impossible in the way of creativity and advancement”. SE

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