Funding Success Stories (Kensington & Chelsea): Lock down cook up

Innovation Fund Feedback from our friend Dahlia at Let’s Get It Right.

Dahlia was awarded the Innovation Fund to deliver an on line Hands-on community cooking class aimed at reducing isolation and showing that nutritional cooking can help you lead a healthy lifestyle. It also aimed to teach individuals how to cook on a budget and make food go further.

Dahlia said that “in the current situation it can be hard for parents to be isolated 24 hours with their children. I feel it will help the stress if they can cook as a family in a group with other families. Kelly Weiss who I will be working with is a trained nutritional cook with years of experience, along with me who has previous experience of being a restaurateur”.  

They worked together but from there our homes, to teach individuals how to cook a variety of world dishes / cuisine whist incorporating some simple nutritional principles. The emphasis was on food’s healing and nurturing properties, that has health and home economics at its core.

Participants created well-balanced family dishes from a range of produce that will go further and have positive effects on their health and food budget. They cooked the dishes in their kitchen with Dahlia and Kelly as a group. They were also provided with a list of ingredients, so that they could recreate the dish at home or adapt it. They provided alternative ingredients and advice on how to interchange ingredients to suit them.

In total the project supported 25 people and also allowed them to identify at least 7 people within the group that had underlying health issues, which the nutritionist was able to help make better food choices when it comes to cooking to improve their wellbeing.

Dahlia fed back: “Getting funding from this project has allowed Let’s Get It Right to apply for funding that has helped us continue our project and apply for further funding so we can provide ingredients for our clients. We are currently waiting to hear if we have got this funding from the community fund. We are truly grateful to Turning Point and CGL. Your clients and staff are always welcome to join us for a session and we will keep you updated with our progress for funding.”

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