Wellbeing Blog: Time Out

Reflections from Martin (ETE Worker)

Time Out

As I walked here I saw blackberries ripening on the brambles, some dark, fat and juicy; the elder berries are still green. A runner passes behind me unaware of my presence; up in the skies a red kite soars on the thermals, poplar trees sway in the breeze, a pair of banded demoiselles mating drop onto the water’s surface; the river curves in front of me sparkling in the sunlight; there’s a stream of weed circulating in the current; a small shoal of minnows are gliding around the shallows, the water is crystal clear and flowing gently; there’s a breeze in the willows rustling the leaves, a pigeon flaps by; a moorhen makes it’s call. Everywhere is beautiful, even with the pylons I can see in the distance, this is natures place and I am part of it. In the evening sunlight swarms of mayflies dance over the surface; a minnow just came up and flicked back down again.

I am fishing, alert and aware of all that surrounds me; as the line pulls out I wonder if that’s going to be a bite, holding my fishing rod steady. It’s early in the evening, I’ve been quiet, making little disturbance to the water, I’m hoping a chub or barbel will come along and bring a fast excitement to the day or maybe I’ll just sit and watch the river pass by, taking my thoughts and clearing my mind……..

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