Funding Success Stories (Kensington & Chelsea): Shine Women Programme

Innovation Fund Feedback from the facilitators of the programme Adjoua Yapobi-Attie & Mamusu Komon

Shine Women

Adjoua was awarded the Innovation Fund to run a solution focused personal development programme designed to empower women in the local area. The six weekly workshops were based on a three themes of Worth, Strength and Purpose.

Initial enrollment for the Shine Women Programme was 12 delegates, however seven completed the programme, all of which are accessing recovery services. Each week had its own unique theme which is explored in detail. Participants learned through: group discussion, role play, videos, reflection, learning and empowering each other in a non-judgemental way.

Adjoua said that attendance was consistent from participants and they were very receptive from the outset, giving valuable contributions and being very engaging. Adjoua felt participants were always grateful for the effort they had made to make the residents feel valuable and provided a safe haven which gave the participants the freedom to explore and fully express themselves.

Adjoua said that participants were empowered to discover themselves, find their purpose and live an authentic life. By the end of the programme, participants felt more confident about who they are and were embracing themselves by making lifestyle changes, having more self-care, developing the courage and motivation to start working on their dreams.

Adjoua reported that one women who had experienced DV in the past and was quite closed in the beginning of the programme, made a complete turnaround and became very open and outgoing, smiley and chatty with the group. The confidence levels in participants grew each week; they were willing to look at themselves differently and were open to the themes that were introduced.

Adjoua stated that the participants formed really strong bonds and are now maintaining their group connection through their own what’s app group.

Adjoua fed back “The six week programme culminated in a Graduation Ceremony which was held at Kensington Palace. Having the last session at the Palace was a great bonus and made the women feel extra special. The engagement officer at the Palace expressed interest in the programme and its benefits. We have been invited to be a part of their Community access scheme, which enables us to access the palace with future programmes”.

Adjoua also reported “as result of the programme, two women have shown an interest to attend the Shine Facilitator training and one woman also is interested in volunteering with us”.

Feedback forms were used to measure satisfaction at the end of workshops. All of the 7 women that completed the programme attended all the sessions over the six weeks. The results were as follows:

  • 100% women attending the workshop enjoyed the experience.
  • 100% said the workshop was relevant and essential for all women.
  • 100% articulated that they have fully enjoyed the workshop and have a better understanding of their values.

Adjoua stated that the programme has help to change their life perspective and they felt empowered to fulfill their dreams. As one delegate stated “Amazing very empowering, I feel like a fulfilled human being and I no longer feel worthless”.

Due to the success of this project and subject to continued funding, Adjoua hopes to run the programme in the community to empower more women to be aware of their value and connect to their purpose.

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