Funding Success Stories (Westminster): Pretty Little Things

Innovation Fund Feedback from Billie Hands

Pretty Little Things.jpg

Billie Hands was awarded the Innovation Fund to run a series of jewellery making workshops for local residents.

Billie stated that she had a place at Small Works (which is a joint programme by Clear Village and CIVA to turn underused spaces into vibrant centers for social enterprise and community services) where she ran some of her workshops.

The jewellery making workshops were open to clients at Turning Point or individuals in the community to access.

Billie felt that she did come up against a few challenges as this was the first time she had taken on a project like this, but also felt that her confidence had developed through this process.

Billie said that she made lots of contacts during running this project and that she loves teaching others how to make jewellery. Billie stated that there were two wonderful clients who regularly attended the workshops and seemed to benefit from the sessions.

Billie felt that although attendance wasn’t as high as she would have liked, on a positive note, there have been some successful outcomes that have arisen through her starting this project. One of those being that she has been asked to deliver six sessions of her jewellery making workshops at Westminster library, which Billie will be paid for.

Another positive outcome is that Billie was contacted and given the opportunity to get a stall at Westminster market for her to sell her jewellery. The final outcome is also a Somali Women’s Project that has offered to pay Billie for her to deliver some workshops at their service.

Billie fed back “This project has given me an unique opportunity to see which direction I want to do going forward and that is to start selling from home and teach jewellery making at home. I will be doing another POP UP BUSINESS workshop. I know now that I want to continue a career in teaching jewellery making and running workshops within an organisation. I thank you once again for the unique and invaluable opportunity the funding given me. A rare and valuable stepping stone to  for my future”. 


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