Funding Success Stories (Westminster): Yoga Programme

Poette Yoga

Innovation Fund Feedback from our friend Sahara P Evans (Yoga and Well-Being Practitioner) at Poette Yoga

Sahara P Evans was awarded the Innovation Fund to run an 8 Week Hatha Yoga Programme for People in Recovery.

The project formulated was a yoga-influenced class using the principles of the 12-step programme to coincide with chakras integrated with a practical approach to Yoga and its value in our everyday lives.

Sahara held the classes at the local Victoria Medical Centre on Saturday mornings and ran the pilot scheme for 8 weeks. It was aimed to be a good all-rounder, a basic introduction, into Hatha Yoga using Sun Salutations, Meditation, Chakra and Mindfulness.

The 12 Step programme was touched upon when and where it worked in a parallel comparison especially concerning things spiritual and how our deeds and actions affect others and ourselves around us. Gratitude was a constant ingredient in each class and it was from this basis that their intentions could be realised.

Sahara said that this proved to be especially helpful and relevant when the participants would share their current situation with her and by doing this they were able to explore how we could move forward with clarity and confidence in their everyday challenges, trials and tribulations. Sahara stated that this was where the wisdom of the chakras and their many uses and insights played an extremely important role in the section of the class allocated for mindfulness and reflection.

Another aspect of the sessions was to encourage journal writing, another component of the 12 Step Programme where it is suggested that one keeps a daily inventory. Sahara said that she used a more flexible approach to this element of the programme and just wanted the idea to have been implemented for their future reference if the need arises.

In terms of attendance and numbers a total of 20 people participated in the classes over the 8 weeks. Sahara said that the programme was able to support one particular member who had special needs as well as an eating disorder. She made a couple of informal visits to his parents to report his progress, small incremental steps were shared with them in the evaluation of the benefits the classes had for him.

Testimonies from some of the participants:

“Very positive and educational, my first experience. I now practice at home.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my yoga Course with Sahara. I found it very therapeutic and it has helped with my back problems immensely. I found Sahara as a yoga teacher very professional and knowledgeable and I will highly recommend her to family and friends. Keep up the good work!”

“Aw, thank you. Loved today’s class. Thank you Sahara for getting me started. I want to move forward with my practice. The classes have been a real tonic without the gin of course.”

“You’ve been a rock star up there and I’ve loved every minute. I really hope you can do it again as it would be a big loss to our community.”

“The classes we came too were so beautiful and calming. Thank you for the experience. Looking forward to more!”

“I couldn’t stop crying in the meditation, I felt relief about the loss of my daughter and began to see more acceptance, thank you.”


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