Funding Success Stories (Westminster): Project Bootcamp




Innovation Fund Feedback from our friends at the Project Bootcamp


Project Bootcamp was awarded the Innovation Fund to run a three month programme for Trans Women to empower them with a range of skills and improve wellbeing and confidence.

The project ran for three months every Wednesday from 7-9 pm and was completed in December 2018.  The course was run over 12 sessions and each session had a theme that related to specific skills to build health and confidence. At the end of the project, there was a graduation which took place at Kensington Palace.

The course was attended by 12 Trans Women who completed the entire course, five of whom went on to continue in volunteering roles for other supportive services.

Project Bootcamp fed back that they would like to take the format of the Boot Camp and broaden its scope to work with a wider range of woman across the three boroughs. Particularly Women over 50 or Women in recovery that may benefit from what the Boot Camp sessions have to offer. They are also looking to develop internships with other organisations for participants that attend the course.


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